Sermons from Jeremiah

feature_jeremiahWhen I began preaching from Jeremiah (over four years ago?!), I began gathering my historical notes into a chronology of Jeremiah’s era. Since I began, there hasn’t been a notable new book on Jeremiah, well, only one that I feel bad about not owning: Andrew Shead’s,  A Mouth Full of Fire: The Word of God in the Words of Jermiah. Next year will see the release of the commentary by Hetty Lalleman of Spurgeon’s College, as well as a revision of the Philip Graham Ryken volume. Regardless, my favorite commentary remains that of J. A. Thompson.

Even still, I try to re-read the entire book of Jeremiah every week that I preach from Jeremiah (I won’t confess how often I manage this!). But as I re-read, every now and then I pick up new cues that help to fine-tune my chronology. As it is, of all the prophets, Jeremiah is the one Scripture reveals most about his personal life. However, since his book is not organized chronologically,the reader usually has to work hard to unearth the details. I find the challenge to be very rewarding!

In any case, here is the latest version of my chronology of Jeremiah.

Of course, you can hear the Jeremiah sermons here.