A New Worship Facility for Faith

For more than three years the elders have asked our deacons and any of you to recommend potential facilities that can provide 8000 sq/ft, parking for at least 100 cars, 10 classrooms, and a kitchen, all with rent below $18,000/month. This would be a facility to meet immediate needs until we can build or buy Faith’s permanent home.

Finding that permanent home here in South Anchorage is a challenge for a church our size. This is why we asked Joe Brand of Generis Capital Campaigns to visit our congregation this summer and advise us on how we can wisely plan for the future. We expect Joe’s report very soon. Our desire is for Faith to be an established and secure house of worship and discipleship that is able to proclaim a Reformed voice across the entire state. We want to be the “anchorage” for that mission into our city and our state.

We have been looking for an interim facility to bring us one-step closer to that permanent home. In December of 2013 we met with leaders of Hillside O’Malley Seventh Day Adventist Church to discuss sharing their facility. In January we began scrutinizing a former restaurant on Northway Dr. In April we made a tentative offer for the Anchorage Friends Church on E. 18th Ave. This summer our deacons began critiquing ASD schools (South, Hanshew, Dimond, and Goldenview). In August, we considered a shared-facility opportunity with Trinity Presbyterian Church. And there have been other leads.

Two months ago our deacons began a conversation with Crosspoint Church to share their facility in the South Plaza (Dimond Blvd., between Minnesota Dr. and Victor Rd.). This has developed positively and final negotiations were completed last week. After deliberation, the deacons have presented a lease that facilitates our plans as a church. The lease gives us five-years of stability, along with an early termination option, rent within an acceptable range, and a written facility-use agreement with the leadership of Crosspoint Church. On Monday, October 27, the elders voted to sign this lease.

In more than three years, we have never come across a more perfect interim facility arrangement for our church! Our current Sunday morning worship schedule will remain unchanged. Our weekday events schedule will remain unchanged. Some of our annual events will need to be adjusted. Office space for our pastor and visitors will improve. There is plenty of room for additional classes and ministries.

We plan to worship in the new facility for the first time on November 16. However, immediately after our service on November 9 at Fox Hollow, during our Fellowship Meal, plan on an Informational Meeting to discuss ways to best put our new facility to use for current (and future) ministry at Faith Presbyterian!

With thanks to God for His care for us,


New Facility