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Spring Theology Conference audio

If you missed this year’s Spring Theology Conference, you can still catch the talks by Kelly Kapic. Why Theology is Relevant for Every Christian Lived Theology: Reconnecting our Faith and Life

A Holy Week chronology

In the past, I have distributed a Holy Week chronology to guide readings during this week. Below is an updated version, keeping in mind that this is a very imperfect exercise. For instance, the apostle John says that “there are also many other things that Jesus did” and that “the world itself could not contain … Continue reading

Men’s Book Study moved

Gents, the Spring 2013 Men’s Book Study won’t meet in the month of January. Somebody (who won’t be named) placed the Machen books in the Monergismbooks shopping cart … and never checked-out. Turns out, they will not send you your books if you do this. So, plan B: we’ll meet four times beginning February 16. Our … Continue reading

What is Faith?

What is Faith?

The Spring 2013 Men’s Book Study will address what we mean when we say that we are “Christians.” This title, “Christian,” was first applied to the members of the church in Antioch, Syria, in the first century (Acts 11.26). When we use the same word today, do we mean the same thing? The answer depends upon what we mean when we say that we have faith in Jesus. Our book study will look at a work by American theology professor, Gresham Machen. He believed that, in his era of the 1920s, people meant vastly different things when they affirmed Christian faith. Continue reading

Audio from Sound Words Conference

The audio from the Sound Words Conference (read more) has been posted over at Church in the Wildwood. John’s talk was Gnosticism: Special Knowledge for the Initiated, outlined below: A. Historical survey of gnosticism. B. Biblical doctrines in conflict with gnosticism. C. Contemporary expressions of gnosticism.

Reformation Day Church History Conference

Our friends at Covenant Bible Church are hosting their 6th annual Reformation Day Church History Conference. It takes place Saturday, November 10th, at their worship location, Eagle River Grace Church [map]. The first talk begins at 9:30am with a break for lunch (provided) and into the afternoon. I think that they will be following the … Continue reading

Sound Words Conference

The Sound Words Conference is brought to us by the Reformation Society of South-central Alaska. The event is composed of seven 30-minute talks that address a particular heresy that has held sway against the church for centuries. Each presenter, pastors and elders from Anchorage and Eagle River, will introduce the historical background of the heresy … Continue reading

Men’s Book Study

For those who may have missed this: The Men’s book study begins on Saturday, September 22, from 8:00am to 10:00am, at Starbucks (Dimond & Old Seward, map). If you would like to be a part, you can collet a book at church for $10, or order it here (ebook). See my original post. There is a … Continue reading

Men’s book study | Fall 2012

Men, this fall we’ll be reading together a book about the role that Christ plays in a Christian’s life. Romans 8.34 says, “Who is to condemn? Christ Jesus is the one who died — more than that, who was raised — who is at the right hand of God, who indeed is interceding for us.” … Continue reading

Confessing Faith in a (non)Confessing World

What does it mean to confess your beliefs? What does it mean to confess a historic document? Can this be done while also maintaining the authority if the Holy Scriptures? Does confessing faith render liberty of conscience, void? Can I be a part of a congregation if I have scruples about confessing my faith? Can a … Continue reading

Location for the Spring Theology Conference

A special thanks to Rev’d Jim Basinger for opening the doors of All Saints Episcopal Church for our Spring Theology Conference. All Saints has an absolutely beautiful sanctuary conducive to the subject of confessing the historic faith. In addition, we will all enjoy the May sun beaming through the beautiful Bill Kimura stained-glass windows. It … Continue reading

Spring Theology Conference, 2012

Details are still coming together for the Spring Theology Conference (see below). Our topic for this conference will concern the nature of confessing our Protestant Christian faith using historic documents. As a congregation, all of the leaders at Faith are required to subscribe to a few historic Protestant confessions of faith (see them here); inevitably, … Continue reading

Rob Rayburn’s Saturday morning talks

Thank to all who attended the Saturday morning talks by Robert Rayburn as a part of the Winter Theology Conference. If you missed the talks titled, “What is the Reformed faith?”, here they are: What is the Reformed Faith? (1), January 28, 2012 What is the Reformed Faith? (2), January 28, 2012   You can find … Continue reading

“He descended into hell.”

This phrase, “he descended into hell,” is the subject of several questions I receive when we confess the Apostles’ Creed as a part of our Sunday morning worship at Faith (see the introduction to this post). Part of the confusion stems from the fact that the phrase is, well, shocking. The picture of Jesus walking … Continue reading

Winter Theology Conference 2012

We want to encourage you to mark your calendars for the evening of Friday, January 27 and the morning of Saturday, January 28. In addition, we will have a special Fellowship Meal on Sunday, January 29 immediately following our worship service (see the Faith calendar and our Facebook page).

Theology … at 6:00am?!

I would like propose a weekly gathering at 6:00am to read and discuss Protestant Reformed theology. What I have in mind is spending time in Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology. Yes, I know 6:00am is tragically early. Yes, I know “theology” is a bad word today. Yes, I know Grudem’s book is 1000 pages (so long, in … Continue reading

Men’s book discussion!

Men, on Saturday, October 15th, 8:00 am, there is a new opportunity for fellowship and study at Faith. Greg and Barbara Burkel have opened their home to us for a monthly, Saturday morning book discussions. We plan to gather from 8:00 am to 10:00 am for breakfast and time for a facilitated discussion of a … Continue reading

Singing the Shorter Catechism

As most Faith people know, we use the Westminster Shorter Catechism for our Jr. High Sunday morning instruction, our House to House visit devotionals, and also in our worship services as a confession of faith. I was speaking with Daniel Harper (our Jr. High teacher) on Sunday and he informed me of the recordings of … Continue reading

Jeremiah’s life and culture

As I return to the book of Jeremiah on Sunday (Jeremiah 25.1-14), I thought it might be helpful to republish a timeline of Jeremiah’s life (see the PDF). I created this quite a while back, but it has been updated and various errors have been corrected. A timeline like this can be very helpful. Remember, … Continue reading

Acquiring theological knowledge

Doesn’t everyone have a specialization of some sort? Sometimes our vocations drive this; it may be that your vocation demands that you read and study to keep abreast of your field, be it the Journal of the American Medical Association or the Canadian Cake Decorators Guild. But it may also be that your hobbies and … Continue reading

CBC mini-conference on Machen

I have just received word that Covenant Bible Church will, like last year, host a mini-conference on church history. Usually, this conference falls around Reformation Day, which is October 31st. This time, the CBC mini-conference will be Saturday, November 12th, 2011. The first talk begins at 9:30am (at CBC) and, if I remember correctly, two … Continue reading

Who is Nick Batzig?

The session has invited Rev. Nick Batzig to join us for our Spring Theology Conference in May, 2012. He will be joined by Burk Parsons and, while the topic details have not been finalized, we’ll be hearing from them a rationale for every Christian being a theologian and doing theology. Nick is the church planting … Continue reading

Who is Rob Rayburn?

The session has invited Rev. Robert Rayburn, and his wife, Florence, to join us for our Winter Theology Conference in January, 2012. Exact dates are not available yet, but the topics have to do with the state of contemporary Evangelicalism in America and the distinctive of Reformed theology. Rob has been the pastor of Faith … Continue reading

Who is Burk Parsons?

The session has invited Rev. Burk Parsons to join us for our Spring Theology Conference in May, 2012. He will be joined by Nick Batzig and, while the topic details have not been finalized, we’ll be hearing from them a rationale for every Christian being a theologian and doing theology. Burk Parson is the associate … Continue reading

Carl Trueman at Grace

Grace OPChas shared the following times when Dr. Carl Truman will be giving his three talks at their annual Family Camp.  His topic is, “Why we don’t care about church history but really should: Reformation, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.” Here they are (all are welcome to attend): Friday, July 28th: 8:00pm to 9:15pm Saturday, July 29th: … Continue reading

Summer break!

Just a special reminder to parents that our Sunday morning instruction will not be meeting Sunday, May 29th. This is the first day of our summer break. This means that from May 29 until the fall, we will not gather Sunday mornings for instruction at 9:30am, but instead will meet at 11:00am for worship. On … Continue reading

Grace OPC hosts Carl Trueman

This summer, Pastor Scott Johnson and our friends at Grace OPC have invited Dr. Carl Trueman to speak at their annual Family Camp. The camp happens Friday, July 29 to Sunday, July 31 at the LaVerne Griffin Youth Recreation Camp just outside of Wasilla. Carl Trueman is professor of historical theology and church history at … Continue reading

“the holy catholic church”

As we use the Apostles’ Creed during Sunday morning worship at Faith, I will sometimes be asked about the phrase, “I believe in . . . the holy catholic church.” What immediately comes to most minds is a reference to the Roman Catholic church, and how strange this confession is since Faith is a Protestant … Continue reading

Confessing the Apostles’ Creed

At Faith, we like to devote a portion of every Sunday morning service to confess what we believe together. This confession of faith always follows the sermon; in response to God’s Word preached, we confess our belief that it is true (see “Why is the worship service like this?”). Of course, if you have worshipped … Continue reading