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The ESV Bible
For our readings during worship, we use the English Standard Version of the Bible, published by Crossway Books. For those unfamiliar with the ESV, this is what the publishers call an “essentially literal” translation that seeks to reveal, as best as possible, the structure and meaning of the original text. At the same time, the ESV seeks to be literarily excellent so that “echoes and overtones of meaning” are richly displayed in the English text (learn more). In short, it is a theologically conservative, academically serious, and literarily beautiful translation with the scholarship of men like J. I. Packer, Wayne Grudem, Darrell Bock,Vern Poythress, Leland Ryken, Leon Morris, and Gordon Wenham involved. You can find an online version (with audio files) here.

Confessions of faith
Our elders and deacons subscribe to the Bible alone as the authority for life and belief. Every congregation, however, has the ability to express Scriptural truths well, or poorly. We ask our elders and deacons not to confess scriptural truths in a new and clever way, but in a way consistent with mature Bible believers who have gone before them. We do not ask members to do the same, but we do believe that members need to know where their leaders stand, which we assist through various teaching ministries. Faith is particularly beholden to the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Westminster Larger Catechism, and the Westminster Shorter Catechism.

Every congregation should have a selection of books that are recommended to guide belief and practice in the Christian life. Here is our current booklist.

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